Nov 26, 2009

Skull Frame

Post #200

This is my 200th post! Wow, what a year it has been so far. Finished community college, and headed to a university. I'm now stuck there for a couple years. Wish I'd gone the art school route, but whatevs, I do what I do, and that's all that matters. Practice makes perfect… not some $50k school


1 fathom = 1.8288 meters

Nov 13, 2009

Nash Goggles© 2009

In the best game of the season, the Lakers, now 7-1, were matched up against the Suns, now 8-2. This was my highlight of the night. In an attempt at guarding Derek Fisher from getting a three, Nashy boy ran out and gave him a high five on the wrist. Thus creating amazing FOUR-POINT PLAY. Apparently, Stevey wasn't happy that they gave Derek a four-pointer and not him, so he told Violet Palmer, well no… he showed Violet Palmer how he felt by putting on the Nash Goggles© 2009 All Rights Reserved to ME

Nov 7, 2009

El Scorcho

Poll: Which jersey should I get?

I am stuck at deciding which jersey to get. Ron Ron's or SB's.  After watching the last few minutes of the Houston game, I quickly realized that Trevor A-three-za was no longer a Laker. I need to move past him. Get over it. But I am. Come on. Find someone new.

Nov 4, 2009


This would be my "ticket out" for photography. It would be my dream to take surf photos.